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At long last... an update!

My apologies... this took far longer than I wanted it to take. And the worst part is that I'm not really sure why... my free time was just over before I knew what happened and left me with a feeling of not having accomplished anything special.

But anyway... the new chapter can be found at:


Here there are quite a bit of deviations from the television series. The whole scene of Heero meeting with Wufei (after the latter has been arrested too) is quite different, and the dialogue is changed too. Heero saying that OZ thinks them to be crazy is left out. And this is not the first time something like this is left out... I'm starting to believe that any references to the Gundam pilots being crazy have been added at a very late stage.

Also the fight between Sally's men and the OZ forces has been left out. Which is understandable since it doesn't really contribute anything to the plot.

I hope I can pull myself together a bit better in the future and that the next chapter won't take that long. On the other hand, the busiest time of the year comes up at work in January and February. So a tentative prediction would be end of February. Hopefully sooner...

Oh yes, beta reader comments are outstanding.

Thanks for reading and for your patience!

Another update!

And for once, it's even before my self-imposed deadline... :-)

The new part can be found at:


This part follows the series again very closely, there was hardly a difference. Just the consequences of the rockets Trowa fires is described in a bit more details. And there is a bit more insight into the actions of the characters.

The next part is quite short, so I hope to have it up before I leave for holidays on September 18. No guarantee though... we'll see how it goes. Else I hope to have it finished around mid October.

Thanks for reading!

At long last!

And after a really long wait, I finally update again. The new part can be found at:


Apologies for the long wait. I spent three months in Japan learning Japanese, and school kept me a lot busier than I thought it would. Of course, that I was off travelling on almost every weekend didn't help either. But I saw a lot and learned a lot, so I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The new part follows the series (once again) very closely, but there's a bit of added dialogue at the end, between Zechs and Gwinter. And Quinze already gets mentioned... I do believe he makes his appearance in the series a lot later.

The next part is medium length again, but I'm struggling with a cold and a new job (not to mention I've taken up raising dragons... ;-P), so it might be a while. I'd say... end of August? Hopefully sooner though.

Thanks for reading!

Dragons! (not an update unfortunately...)

Seeing this in other journals, I couldn't resist.

Please click on the dragon egg hatchling? Pretty please??? *big puppy eyes*

And no, I have not abandoned my site. Now that I'm back from Japan, I'm working on it again. Next update should be ready in two to three weeks. Apologies for the delay! And after that, I should be back to normal speed.

edit: Dragon removed as it grew up! :-) Thanks to anybody who clicked!

Finally an update!

And this me far longer than I wanted it too take. There was much less time on the ship than I thought there'd be. But it was a great trip! Here's a pic of what it looked like:

In case anybody is wondering: That's the Antarctic Peninsula. With an iceberg before it.

Anyway, the new part is finally up, to be found at:


This part again follows the series very closely, there's a bit of additional dialogue here and there. Also, with the description, a few actions are a bit more understandable than in the series.

Beta reader's comments are outstanding. And speaking of beta reader, I received the corrections for almost all parts of the first chapter (except for the last part), so these are final now.

The next chapter deals with Zechs, Une and Treize... and I'm really not sure when this will be up. Real life is very busy right now and I will be departing for a three months stay in Japan (Language School!) beginning of April. I hope to get it done so before I leave. We'll see...

Thanks for reading!

Next part up!

And this time, I'm even early! The next part is up, to be found at:


Nothing special here really... this part follows the series very closely, just a few things timed differently. And the usual changes in the battle scene.

Beta readers comments are outstanding.

The next chapter, dealing with Quatre and his family, will be quite a bit late. As mentioned before, I'm off for a (almost) four week trip on December 16, and it won't fit before that. But I intend to take my Japanese translation kit with me and work on the trip. I go on a cruise and there are quite some sea days, so I intend to pass those translating. However, I don't have the internet connection to upload any updates. This means that, when I get back on January 8, I hopefully will have the next and maybe the following chapter as well ready for upload. We'll see how it goes...

Thanks for reading!

Next part up!

And missed the deadline again by a few days... ah well, blame it on the fact that of the four weekends in October, I was gone three of them *loves weekend trips*.

The new part can be found at:


This part follows the series again very closely, but the interesting thing is that there's quite a bit of insight into Trowa's head. There are a lot more of his thoughts here than in the series. And most interestingly, he whispers to Heero that the analysis of the situation was wrong. I am assuming that he refers to Lady Une's two sides, but this is of course not sure.

I was enjoying this a lot when translating. :-)

Beta reader comments are outstanding.

The next chapter has about the same length so I hope I'll get this done before I go off on a four week trip middle of December. In that chapter, Quatre wakes up to encounter his sister, and Trowa (with Heero) goes to battle Zechs... oops... Milliardo in the new Gundams.

Thanks for reading!

I was curious...

New part up!

*looks at date* Oh well.. met the deadline more or less. :-)

The new part can be found at:


And yes, it follows the series AGAIN very closely. The battle scene is AGAIN different, the OZ troops show up much later and the sequence of events is somewhat different. But no major changes, these kind of changes are really becoming the norm with the book. But it makes sense as battle scenes are much easier on screen than in a book. There's hardly any additional dialogue either.

Beta readers comments are outstanding.

The next chapter is of medium length, so I'd say it should be done by the end of October, seen that I'm away a few weekends until then. In that chapter, Trowa infiltrates OZ.

Thanks for reading!


And yes, I'm still on a roll... the next chapter is already there.

It can be found at:


And it's another chapter which follows the series very closely. The dialogue between Howard and Zechs is a bit longer, and the battle scenes are different. The second point is nothing new though, most battle scenes are abbreviated and simplified in the book.

And Heero doesn't remember how many bombs he installed *blinks*. This totally contradicts the general picture of "mission oriented Heero". :-)

Beta readers comments are outstanding.

The next chapter is of medium length, so I'd say it should be done by mid September. In that chapter, Heero goes off to the lunar base, the scientists work on the new suits, Lady Une tries to convince the delegates of becoming a nation and Sally Po goes to retrieve a Gundam.

Thanks for reading!